The Best Time To Buy A Boat

the best time to buy a boat

Fall is the best time to buy a boat because temperatures are starting to drop, and that tells people the end of the boating season is fast approaching.

This creates the opportunity to save money for two reasons:

  1. Drop in demand: Most people looking to buy a boat are not going to be very eager to make a large purchase on something they might not be able to use for several months.
  2. Boat owners are more eager to sell: The hassle and cost associated with Winterizing a boat are real! They are what can take a boat owner from entertaining the idea of selling to accepting any reasonable offer to get the boat off of their hands!

The Next Best Time To Buy A Boat

The next best time to buy a boat (After the Fall Months) will be in the dead of Winter, and that’s because Winter kicks off Boat Show Season.

Contrary to popular belief, boat shows are a great opportunity to find a bargain in the winter.

The competition is stiff, and most of the country is still buried in cold weather, unable to use a boat, so vendors will likely be ready to make a deal to make a boat show quota.

The Worst Time To Buy A Boat

The worst time to buy a boat will undoubtedly be Spring, followed by early summer, with April to June being the worst months overall.

There are also two reasons why Spring/Early Summer is such a bad time to buy a boat:

  1. Sellers Pull back: People who did have their boats listed for sale over the winter will pull their listings so they can have a boat for the start of boating season.
  2. Buyers are aggressive: People that were casually looking to buy a boat in the early part of the year are now facing the possibility they could miss precious time on the water if they don’t act soon. This makes some people spend more than they typically would.




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